Science Communication

My passion is making science approachable to wide audiences. I do this in a number of ways. Primarily, I teach biology courses at the college level. I also present paleontology research through lectures to scientific and general audiences of all ages. In addition, I create scientific content for broad audiences through a number of platforms.


DrNeurosaurus: A paleontology news blog for kids, presented in English and Spanish. When paleontology research hits the popular press, I read the accompanying scientific publication and write a post about the new work and its importance in the context of other work. I then translate it into Spanish.

Stay tuned for a new project in the works, and subscribe to DrNeurosaurus on YouTube for updates!


She Found Fossils: I kickstarted, co-authored, and translated a picture book on women in paleontology. It is available in English, Spanish (Ella Encontró Fósiles), and Mandarin [link coming soon!].

Science on the Street: I created, write, and produce a YouTube science news channel. I present science topics as comedy news to create make science approachable to broad audiences. This show features interviews with diverse scientists to increase representation and show that everyone can do science.