Remember me? A lot of things have happened since you last heard from me. I moved to a new city, had a baby, and got a tenure-track job. 2018 was quite the year. I’m hoping that 2019 is the year that I can make time to post on DrNeurosaurus again. However, since I’m still trying to make it through my first year in my new job, I will be posting less frequently, but I think I can do this once a month.

To that end, if you just can’t wait to hear from me, you don’t have to! Tonight, at 7pm eastern time, I will be live-streaming myself playing Jurassic World Evolution on Twitch. I can answer any questions on the dinosaurs you see, or general paleontology questions in REAL TIME! So come hang out with me tonight: twitch.tv/drneurosaurus.

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