A New Book for the New Year

A New Book for the New Year

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to many new blog posts this year, among other exciting projects I have been working on.

I am going to start this year’s blog posts with a big announcement I’ve been looking forward to making for a long time. The Mandarin version of She Found Fossils (寻找化石的她)is now available on Amazon!

I can’t begin to tell you how much harder it was to publish this version than the English and Spanish versions. In summary, we ended up needing not only a translator, but also an editor (thank you so much Dr. Juan Liu!), we had to find a new printing service because the one we used for the other languages would not produce physical books in Mandarin, and we needed multiple edits to the imagery due to the differences in printing quality. Suffice it to say, we’ve been hard at work for a long time on this version and it’s finally out.

Here’s to a New Year!

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